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Level 2 Functional Maths

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Course Description:

Level 2 is the highest level of Functional Skills which we offer at Northern College. At this level you will develop your skills to a high standard of knowledge and understanding, and hopefully achieve a qualification that is valued highly by employers, and also accepted at Universities for access to many degree level qualifications. At Level 2 you are a confident problem solver of either familiar or unfamiliar situations and can use your skills to effectively find solutions.

You will develop the kinds of skills which will help you to calculate problems with multiple steps and be able to evaluate and analyse processes. You will begin to work on some pure maths skills and thereby begin a more academic approach to your thinking process.

How will this course be delivered?

The course will be delivered on a residential basis, over two days and one night each week.The course will include a blend of class room based activities and some individual work alone.

Entry requirements:

When you apply for Functional Skills, we will ask you to complete an initial assessment to confirm that your chosen course is appropriate for you at this time. Generally, if you have obtained a Grade 3 (D), you will be put straight onto the GCSE course. If the initial assessment shows that you should do a prior qualification before moving onto the level you have applied for, we can offer you enrolment onto an introductory course to take first.

Funding support statement:

Functional skills qualifications in Mathematics are free to anyone who doesn’t already have either a GCSE grade 4 (C grade), or a Level 2 in the specific subject. This means that the Government will fund your English and maths studies until you achieve either of these grades regardless of your age, or whether or not you are in work.

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Tuition Fee: Free*

* Please note the fee displayed is for the tuition fee only. If you are staying overnight at the college and you are not eligible for residential funding, there will be an additional charge to cover bed, breakfast and evening meal.
* Please confirm with The College Registry as fees can change and also with regards to your circumstances (unless otherwise stated).

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