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Quick HIT - Delve into Digital

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Course Description:

Need digital skills, and need them now?

Our programme of High Intensive Training (HIT) courses are aimed at giving you the skills you need, without the wait.

This quick HIT of digital skills is an intensive week-long course aimed at helping you to increase your digital skills to gain employment or progress in your current role.Some of the skills you will work on are:

  • digital communication
  • being safe and legal online
  • editing documents
  • cloud computing
  • online transactions
  • using devices and handling information

Upskilling your digital ability will benefit you in everyday life as well as in the workplace.  Get your quick HIT now!

How will the course be delivered?

The course will be delivered on a residential basis, over 5 days and 4 nights.The course will include a blend of classroom-based activities and some individual work alone.

Entry requirements:

Northern College starts where you are, building on your life skills and experience. You don’t need a formal qualification to begin your studies with us.

What could this course lead to?

After this course, you may want to consider one of our other Quick HIT courses to help you to gain employment or progress in your current role.

This Quick HIT course will also prepare you for other digital courses and you might want to also consider doing the Essential Digital Skills for life qualification (EDSQ), which is free to everyone aged 19 or over, regardless of income.

Funding Support Statement:

You may be eligible to study for free if you are unemployed, on certain benefits, or earn £17,004 a year or less.  We can confirm when you apply or contact our Student Support Services team to learn more.


Need more Information?

You can find out more about Northern College and the courses on offer at one of our Virtual Open Events

Tuition Fee: £88*

* Please note the fee displayed is for the tuition fee only. If you are staying overnight at the college and you are not eligible for residential funding, there will be an additional charge to cover bed, breakfast and evening meal.
* Please confirm with The College Registry as fees can change and also with regards to your circumstances (unless otherwise stated).

email : mis at northern dot ac dot uk
Tel : 01226 776000