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Course Title:

Basic Digital Skills for Life

Course Description:

Whether we like it or not, using digital technology is now an essential part of everyday life and this course aims to boost your confidence and give you the digital skills to keep you and your family safe online.

The course will help you to identify types of digital activities that leave a 'digital footprint', and understand the implications.Once you’re able to identify situations where your personal information may be stored and how to protect your privacy, you’ll be given the opportunity to submit a form as part of an online transaction and buy an item/service online using a chosen method of online payment.

You’ll end this course with new found digital confidence.

How will the course be delivered?

The course will be delivered on a residential basis, over two days and one night.The course will include a blend of class room based activities and some individual work alone.

Entry requirements:

Northern College starts where you are, building on your life skills and experience. You don’t need a formal qualification to begin your studies with us.

What could this course lead to?

This is one of a range of new digital courses which are focussed around a modern digital experience. You could also try one of the following short courses: Introduction to Using Digital Devices, Introduction to Microsoft Teams, Introduction to Cloud Computing.

All of these courses will prepare you for the new Essential Digital Skills for life qualification, which will give you the skills we all need in life, and in the workplace, in this Digital World.

Funding Support Statement:

You may be eligible to study for free if you are unemployed, on certain benefits, or earn £17,004 a year or less.  We can confirm when you apply or contact our Student Support Services team to learn more.


For more information please visit the Short Course page on our website

Tuition Fee: £50*

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*If you are staying on a residential basis, the fee is an extra £25 making the full cost £75 (includes one breakfast and evening meal). Please confirm with The College Registry as fees can change and also with regards to your circumstances (unless otherwise stated).
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